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Texas Holdem Basics

Simple overview of Texas Holdem poker basics

Texas holdem is one of the community games but is unique from other games in many aspects which make it more popular. Holdem poker basics are simple to understand but may fuddle you when directly played by real money. It is always preferable for the beginners to start with play money and end up by gaining in real money Texas holdem.

Here is the detailed list of basics/rules of Texas holdem to help you with creating your own style of acts and preparing you for working miracles.

Texas holdem table generally consist of 2 to 10 players. This game uses a standard 52 card deck.

Texas holdem consist four betting rounds and the betting proceeds from left of the dealer. And the player immediate to the left of the dealer is called as blind.

There are two blinds small blind and big blind. Player left to the dealer is small blind and player left to the small blind is big blind.

These players are called as blinds as they have to make the blind bets previous to any cards are dealt.
Two cards are dealt to each player face-down and these cards are called as pocket cards or hole cards which only players can see. Dealing of these two cards is called as ‘ pre-flop '.

Pocket cards are used with the 5 communal cards to make the best poker hand of 5 cards. Round of betting starts after the pre-flop.

Flop is the first round of betting. In this the dealer places 3 cards among 5 cards face-up on the table. Placing these cards on the table is called as flop and can be used by the players to make their best hands.

After the flop, player has the option to fold, bet or raise but no option of checking in the first round. Texas holdem players can bet only once and raise thrice in the first round.

Second round of betting gives more options than first. Player can check, fold, bet or raise. In this round fourth among five cards is dealt face up on the table.

Player can ‘check' only if no player has bet previously. To check means no betting and can still continue to be in the game.

Second round of betting is also called as ‘ the turn '.

In third round of betting fifth and final card is dealt and this round is called as ‘ The River round '. All the players make their hand from all the 5 community hands. If more than two players are left then show down is approached to find the pot winner.

River round is followed by the fourth round called as the Show down round in this round all the players show their cards and the player with the highest hand wins the pot.

If two players have same hands then the pot is split among those.

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