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Royal Vegas Poker Promotions and Bonuses


Royal Vegas Poker offers many wild ring games with view flop percentages most often in the 40-ies, 50-ies. They are among the wildest and the fee is up to $50.

Across the board, Royal Vegas's games are slightly tougher than any other games in various sites (Pokerstars, Party Poker and skins). Their micro limits are slightly harder to beat than the ones at Pokerstars and the medium stakes games ($1/$2 blinds +) are slightly harder than their counterparts at Party Poker.

Promotions and Bonuses

Royal Vegas Poker offers two bonuses, which can be used in combination with the other. For any player who signs up they offer a $10 bonus even without a deposit. In addition to that, Royal Vegas offers a 40% deposit match, up to $40.


The "Rake" is described as the percentage of the pot that goes to the house. Based on the table limit and number of players Royal Vegas Poker uses a fixed schedule for its rake.

Current Bonuses at Royal Vegas Poker

-- $10 No Deposit Bonus
-- 40% Deposit Bonus Max. $40
-- $50 Refer A Friend Bonus
-- $40,000 Poker Points Challenge
-- Poker League
-- Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot
-- Magic Hand Bonus

Player traffic

The traffic of Royal Vegas Poker is increasing incredibly, when compared with the traffic of other rooms such as Party Poker or Poker Room. Ring games have over 4,000 players and tournaments have over 5,000 players during peak hours.

Features in detail

Stats and chat options are available in this site. Poker players will find many traditional games, like Texas Hold'em, 7-card-stud, 5-card-stud, High Omaha and Heads-Up. Games are fixed- limit, pot-limit and no-limit.

Software & Graphics

The Royal Vegas Poker software is good and easy to use. Players are assured of great action because the Prima Poker network is recognized name. Graphics are very simple. Even players with poor connection can play, because the software doesn't require a very good Internet connection.


Online security plays a very important role in these kinds of websites and here at Royal Vegas Poker security is the top priority. A variety of technologies are used to secure the privacy of the user.

Latest technology is implemented to ensure that the personal details like purchase and bank details of the user are protected.

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