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Pre Flop Odds

The probability of being dealt:
  • Pocket aces - 220/1

    A diamondA spade0.45%
  • Either pocket aces or pocket kings - 110/1

    A spadeA diamondor K spadeK diamond0.9%

  • Any pocket pair - 16/1

    7 spade7 diamond5.9%

  • AK suited - 331/1

    A spadeK diamond0.3%

  • AK offsuit - 110/1

    A spadeK diamond 0.9%

  • AK suited or offsuit - 82/1

    A spadeK diamondor A spade  K diamond1.2%

  • Any two suited cards - 3.3/1

    7 spade2 spade24%

  • Either pocket aces, pocket kings or AK 46/1

    A spade  A diamond  or    K spade  K diamond or     A spade  K diamond             2.1%
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