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Poker : Rank of hands

A poker hand comprises of the best five cards from your two down cards and the five community cards on the board.

Listed below are the different poker hands

Royal flush: It consists of 5 cards of same suit in the following order; 
A heart K heart Q heart J heart T heart all cards are high cards, so called royal flush.

Straight Flush: Two are of its kind; Highest straight flush and lowest straight flush.

When the top five cards of same suit are in a sequence like J spade T spade 9 spade 7 spade 8 spade it is called as highest straight flush.

When the low five cards of same suit are in sequence like 5 diamond 4 diamond 3 diamond 2 diamond A diamond, it is called as lowest straight flush.

Four of a kind: This is also called as quads. In this four cards are of same rank and fifth card can be of any rank like 5 club 5 diamond 5 heart 5 spade 2 heart or 6 club 6 diamond 6 heart 6 spade A diamond any thing.

Full House: When three cards among five are of same face value/rank and remaining two cards of same rank but rank different from previous cards then it is said as full house
E.g.5 spade 5 diamond 5 heart 2 club 2 heart or 4 club 4 heart 4 spade 3 club 3 heart any of this kind.

Flush: All five cards with the same suit is said to be flush. If two sets of flush exist then each card is compared from top and set with higher rank beats the set with lower rank.

Straight: Five cards of same sequence but may differ in suits is said to be straight. Ace when present at the top of cards rank high and when present at the low of all cards ranks low.

Three of a Kind: This is also called as trips or triplets. If three among 5 cards are of same rank and other two cards of any rank and any suit then this set is called as three of a kind.
E.g. 4 heart 4 club 4 diamond 3 heart 2 club or 9 diamond 9 heart 9 spade 5 club 4 heart

Two Pairs: Two of five cards of same rank and other two cards of same rank with the last card of any rank and this set of hand is called as two pair.

Pair:The name itself indicates that a pair of card in five is with same rank/face value and other cards are of any rank and suit E.g. J spade J heart A club 4 heart 2 club or K club K heart 5 club 4 spade 3 heart

High card:The card which do not have any combination and high card is considered when the players doesn't have any of the above hands and usually applied when there is comparison of hands among player and player with highest hand wins the game.

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