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Magic holdem : Poker odds Calculator

Have You Met the Web’s Most Popular Online Odds Calculator?

Online Texas Hold’em will never be the same again.
In fact, it will be even more like the major poker tournaments you see on television.

Get Real-Time Odds Instantly
A team of thirteen poker professionals, statistics experts, and design geniuses from around the world have joined forces to create MagicHoldem -- an online odds calculator tool that is compatible with 93% of all the top online poker rooms.
When you watch Texas Hold’em on television, what do you see? The players at the tables. Every card dealt. And a little box next to each player’s name with their odds of winning as each card hits the table.
The truly great poker players understand the odds. They have an idea of their odds of victory at any point in the game. Sure -- there’s always that element of surprise, the unexpected card on the river or the pocket pair in your opponent’s hand. The surprise is part of the thrill, but the odds will back you up when Lady Luck isn’t sitting at the table.
Knowing the odds can make you a more consistent, stronger poker player. MagicHoldem instantly reads the parameters of the poker room and gives you real-time stats. You can now make an informed decision. Check or call? Stay or fold? With your chance of winning right before your eyes, you can make a smart retreat or place the big bets and watch the money roll in.


MagicHoldem Gives You Confidence

When you are playing Texas Hold’em online, you are missing one huge element: the tells. You can’t see your opponents, so you can’t learn the little telltale signs that they’re bluffing. You can’t see their eyes when they have a good hand, or their lies when they have a bad one.

MagicHoldem arms you with something more powerful than a player’s tells: the odds. You’ll get instant real-time stats the minute you sit down to play.

Get as much or as little information as you want:
  • Your odds of winning.
  • Your best opponent’s odds of winning.
  • The probability that a particular card is in your opponent’s hand.
  • The probability that a particular card will appear in the flop, the turn, or the river.
  • Betting advice.
  • Play advice.

With an extremely user-friendly interface, you can quickly set up MagicHoldem so you get the information you want when you want it.

Novice players will benefit from the guidance MagicHoldem provides. Seasoned players can set detailed parameters; if you like to play tight with your betting but loose in the hand rankings, MagicHoldem can do it.

More than 200,000 Players Can’t Be Wrong!Try Magicholdem

Since MagicHoldem was first released in 2007, more than eighty thousand online poker players have taken advantage of the power of odds. Don’t be the only person at the table who doesn’t have the power of this sophisticated calculation engine at their side.
Level the playing field and boost your confidence with MagicHoldem.
Visit today to download a free trial version of MagicHoldem, good for one hundred hands. See what the world’s most popular online odds calculator can do for your poker game!
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