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Texas Holdem Poker Terms

A list of few words used in Texas Holdem Poker game

Perfecting the Texas holdem basics is like mastering the defeat at the game. Texas holdem poker basics develop a notion at each instance of act played by opponents.

Without the basics it is difficult even to sense the action working out on the table.

Before reaching to the core of Texas holdem it is necessary to know some basic words:

Call : Once the bet has been made by the previous player then the same amount of money is put in the pot by the player to match the bet or raise.

Bet : It is the amount of money put in the pot by the player. After betting has done by the player, all immediate players must bet on same amount of money or they have an option to fold.

Check : No betting is done by any player waiting for calling or raising later in the betting round also called as nil betting.

Fold : If the bet is done and you are not sure of your hands it is always better to fold which means you are out of table and can not own any money and if you have put any money in the pot then it is no more yours.

Raise : The amount of money put in the pot by the player in order to match the previous bet and once again making the bet is called as raise. All other players are left with no other option instead call the raise or fold. One more option can be to reraise.

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