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Odds The probability making a hand.
Offsuit Two cards of different suits.
Omaha Flop game where you got 4 cards, and you have to use 2 from your hand.
Overcall When you call a bet, even another player already have called.
Overcard A card higher than the highest card on the table.
Overpair Pocket pair bigger than the highest card on the board.
Paint Face cards or Picture cards ( Jack, Queen, King)
Pat Hand When you don't have to change cards to make your hand.
Play Back Reraise a player who makes action against you.
Play the Board When you can't beat the holding on the board.
Pocket Your hole card, unknown by other players.
Post When you sit down in a game and want to play the first hand without sit in the blinds.
Pot limit When you can bet the size of the pot.
Pot Odds The odds the pot offer you when you have to decide what to do, call or fold.
Protect The way you handle your card so the dealer or someone else can take them.
Quads Four of a kind.
Ragged When the board shows very bad cards.
Rainbow A flop of three suits.
Rake The amount the house take from the pot.
Rank Value of a card. Or a hand according to hand value rankings.
Read To guess your opponents holding using his action.
Represent If a player bets hard, he represent a strong hand.
Ring Game Money game.
River The fifth community card dealt in a poker game. It is the seventh and final card dealt in Texas Hold'em, Omaha , or Seven-Card Stud
Running Bad When you lose over a period.
Rush When you win a big amount over short time.
Set Three of a kind, when you had a pair of that kind I your hand.
Short Stack Small stack chips, most used in tourneys.
Showdown When the players show their hands after the river.
Shuffling The mixing and rearranging of the cards before each hand is dealt so that the cards are organized in a coincidental order. This is done by the dealer.
Side Pot When a player is all in, but the remaining players, still have money, they make a side pot.
Split Pot When to players have the same hand value, they split the pot.
Spread Limit Game where you can bet an amount between 1-5 or 2-10.
String Bet When a player put his amount of money in the pot in two actions, it can be cancelled.
Suited Starting hands with two connected suits like 8-9s.
Table Stakes You only play with your stack on the table, not in your pockets.
Tilt If a player is playing wild, because he has lost a pot.
Time The amount of time a player can use before he have to make action.
Toke Tip to the dealer.
Trips Three of a kind.
Turn The fourth card on the board.
Under the Gun The position of the player to act. (UTG)
Value The strength of a hand. Or the value bet, you bet because you think you are best.


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