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Dead Hand A hand, that's for some reason not is playable more.
Deuce to Seven Lowball card game.
Dominated Hand When a better hand contain one of your cards, AJ-A4, hard to win.
Door Card First exposed card in Seven Card Stud.
Double Gut Shot Straight possibility where you can use 8 cards.
Down Cards Your hole (pocket) cards.
Draw Dead When you can't win, even if you make your best holdings.
Draw Poker Poker game five card closed, very popular some years ago.
Drop To fold.
Early position When you have to make action before the most players.
Expectation The amount you can expect to win in the long run.
Family Pot Pot with abnormal many players involved.
Fast To make strong betting.
Fifth Street Final betting round.
Fill Up Make full house.
Fish Very bad player.
Flat call To call without raising.
Flop The 3 community cards first dealt.
Fourth Street The fourth betting round, also called the turn.
Free Card When you make a play earlier, that allow you to take a free card later if you not hit.
Free roll Tournament without paying fee.
Freeze Out Tournament without rebuy.
Gutshot Straight An inside straight draw, you got 4 cards to hit.
Hand A player's best five card s
High-Low A game where the highest and the lowest hand split the pot.
Hit and Run If a players is lucky to win, and run with the money after short time.
Implied odds Odds you can gain in the future of the pot if you hit your hand.
Jackpot Bonus paid if a very high hand loose, to attract players to the house or site.
Key Card Very important card, when you make a hand.
Key Hand A hand that has a very big influence on your result.
Kicker The site card you have to your pair.
Late Position When yore are one of the latest to act in the betting round.
Limit Poker When the betting amounts is fixed.
Live Blind Forced bet put in voluntary by a player, to give him the option to act last in the betting round.
Loose When a player is very active.
Main Pot When a player is all in, and there is a side pot, he can only win the main pot.
No-Limit When you can bet all your stack at any time you want.
Nut Flush The best possible flush.
Nuts The best possible hand according to the flop.


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