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Free Poker Quiz - Glossary

Word Description
Aces up Two pair aces.
Action When the first handling take place after the cards is dealt.
Add-On Opportunity to buy extra chips in a tournament.
Advertise Make bluffs or tricky play, to make players fail against you in the future.
All-In To bet or call the whole stack you have
Ante Small amount every player post before dealing the cards.
Backdoor Make a hand by catching on the to last cards
Bad Beat When you are great favored to win, but loose to a much worse hand.
Bankroll The amount of money you have to gamble with.
Bet the Pot When you bet the total amount there is in the pot.
Big Slick AK (Ace, King)
Blank If the card looks like it can not be used to make a hand.
Blind Bets put in before dealing the hand, Little Blind and Big Blind.
Bluff A bet with a hand that is not the best.
Board The community cards turned in hold`em and Omaha .
Boat Full house.
Bottom Pair A pair that include the lowest card on the board.
Bullet Ace
Bullets Pair of aces
Burn When you discard the top card, to avoid cheat and the card flashes so a player see it.
Bust a Player To take all the players chips.
Button A round button that indicates who is the dealer, or if the game is with dealer, who's to start.
Buy Buy the button, raise and force players after you to fold, so you have the button.
Buy in The amount you have to take of your pockets to play, or tourney buy inn.
Call To pay the amount, others players have bet, without raise them.
Calling station A player who plays many pots without raising, it's a bad player.
Case The last of that type card in the deck.
Cash In When you change your chips to real money.
Chase Try to beat a hand, even your know his hand is better.
Check To check the hand on the table instead of betting.
Check in the dark Check before you looks at your cards.
Check Raise To check, and after that raise when a player behind you bets.
Cold Call To call more than one bet when its your turn.
Come Hand Drawing hand, flush. Straight.
Crack When you loose with a big hand, you got it cracked.
Crying Call If you call, and are almost sure you're beaten.


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