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Frequently Asked Questions at Free Poker

Q: How do I know if I have won?

A:You will receive an e-mail from us telling you that you have won

Q: Is it free to participate in the quizzes?

A:Yes it is completely free. No signup fees, no monthly fees and no costs to claim your potential future winnings. All we require from you is your time to participate .

Q: As a registered user can I participate directly in a Weekly Quiz with no points?

A: You need to have 150 points to participate in weekly quiz . There is also other way to get points, if you missed participating in the entire daily quiz, just by referring your friends . By these referrals, you can earn the required 150 points and can participate in the Weekly quiz .

Q: Can I participate in a quiz with a prize for a poker room that I do not have an account with?

A: Yes you can. When you are claiming your prize you will receive instructions what to do in case you win for example $100 instant bankroll on a site that you don't have an account with.

Q: Do I need to pay or give my credit card details to participate in the quiz?

A: No, this quiz is absolutely free and we don’t require your bank details.

Q: Can people from any where in the world play these quizzes or are they limited to some nationals?

A: Yes, people from any where in the world can play. There are no limitations for any national to participate in the Quiz.


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