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About Free Poker Quiz

Free poker is to enthrall the poker lovers with poker quiz as well as with incredible free poker gifts and prizes. Our website is intended to achieve your interest in poker and in return hearten you with our services and offers which is absolutely free.

We also relieve you from finding best bonuses, poker rooms and online tournaments by bringing it altogether at your reach with additional offers.

Free poker offers sponsor presents, entry to various freerolls and instant bank roll deposits. It pays your time and takes your choice. Free poker customer care service is vigilantly attentive and quick on the uptake of your query regarding quiz or any of the services we provide. Our customer care service has a penchant for poker lovers and so available 24 hours, 7 days to provide you with quick reply.

Free poker quiz .com is fun, fair and free. So make benefits of this site and Free poker quiz .com will cheer you up.

Unique features:

Unregistered users:

The unregistered players can only access the site and learn about the site but have to login to participate in this wonderful brain work. If they are registered members then they will be eligible to play the quiz or else they will be guided to the sign up page to get registered.

Registered users: The registered users can create an account where:

    1. All the personal details like the name, address, phone number and the e-mail id's are stored in the database.
    2. Then the session details of the members, like the type of poker game are recorded.
    3. Then the final participation details like, the name of the quiz, the date, along with the status bar showing the winner ranking status of the member is maintained.
    4. This site also provides the registered members the option to edit their details, as and when according to their facility

    1. The sponsors are the backbone of the quiz conducted in this website, and so are provided with a unique ID and password for them to login and conduct their quiz competition on this site.
    2. The sponsors can name their quiz, create quiz questions , sponsor prizes, decide prize structure, the number of quiz questions, number of ranks, the payout prizes, preview the quiz, can alter the quiz, even have the facility of the database which stores all the information of the previous quiz, the number of players, the time and date to conduct the quiz
    3. The sponsors based on their prize levels are even provided with the facility to place their pop-up commercials in this site and can target the members to make them acquainted to their products and promotions
Other features:

Poker rooms:
Free poker provides information like maximum bonus that is available for the customers, the deposit match, the bonus codes, and downloads of various poker rooms.

There is a separate section available for frequently asked question with all the required answers. This helps the members or anyone who visits the website to get all the doubts cleared.

Online Help:
In order to serve the customers in better way, Free poker provides its members, the free online help. The free online help is the chat center where the customer can directly get help for their queries. To make it easier for the members the online help is made available by just providing the account name and typing the query and the required information is just a click away.

Links and Poker sites:
Free poker also provides the facility, for the sponsors to create a link, in the website or gives its link, upon request from the other online poker sites. In this way the rate of traffic for the websites can be increased. This is a very convenient and easy way of promoting the sponsors as well their products and services.

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