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7 Card Stud poker

The 7-Card Stud is by far the most demanding Online Poker Games. You will see a lot of cards on the table, with each street demanding a different approach. The betting in a 7-Card Stud game can move from modest to sweat breaking in minutes. Of all poker games it's a skill, memory and strategy game that can be rewarding, punishing and even humiliating at times. The intention of this section is to guide you so that you suffer less of the latter and enjoy more of the former.

Bankroll Management

The minimum Buy-In is typically 10-times the low limit, or $40 for a $4-$8 game. It is recommended that you should not play with the minimum. The 40-times of the minimum buy-in is recommended and the player should buy-in with a minimum of $80 for the $2-$4 games, $160 for the $4-$8 games, and $400 for the $10-$20.

No body is stopping you from playing with less, but there are realistic chances that you won't have enough to see you through to the point where you've got a feel for the other players and can bring your skills to bear fruit for you. If you do not enough funds you will become nervous and therefore at a disadvantage with respect to other players.

Choosing a Game
Stud games in poker are typically defined by their limits on betting. The high stake games are typically $8-$16 or $10-$20 while the low stakes online games are usually $2-$4. The stakes in casino Stud can go to $100-$200 or higher, but these stakes are very rare on the web.

The betting limits in the game tell the player almost everything they need to know about the expectations of the players, the nature of the game, and the size of the bankroll you should have before you sit in.

The Ante
The typical Ante in the lower-end games is 10% of the low betting limit. When the betting limits go so high the percentage also climbs, up to 25% or so. The higher percentage Antes play a huge role in changing the nature of the game. Thus, the proportionally larger pot makes it worthwhile to come in strong in an attempt to steal the Antes.

Different games, different strategies
The speed and intensity of play increases, when stealing the Ante becomes a worthwhile proposition, which requires a continuous shift in playing strategy. It is pretty difficult for stud players to make the transition to the higher betting limits precisely because of this change.

Level of play
It has become a thumb rule that the big games attract the big players. A novice can and will, in most cases, get eaten alive by the biggies at the $100-$200 tables without learning much in the process. What's the point in betting big when you are small? Remember, stud is not a chance but a skill game and overestimating yours will cost you money.

Playing the Cards
If you want to win remember that a major part of any winning player's strategy has to be card memory and card analysis. It is critical in Stud that you always study what's on the table and try to understand what it could mean for you. You must in each street observe the up-cards and ask the following questions to yourself:

If it hurts or helps your chances?

If it hurts or helps the other player's chances?

If it hurts or helps the receiving player's chances?

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